No auditions are scheduled at this time. 

YATS auditions are open to all young people who are ages 11 to 19 on 22 October 2017, who can take direction in English and can perform in English. 

What you need for an audition?
You must prepare a song with accompaniment. You can use one of the MP3 songs you will find by clicking the Audition Materials button below or you can use any musical theater/standard song (not just our suggestions). Anything Goes is a classic Broadway musical, and therefore, you should select a standard song (NOT ROCK & ROLL OR RAP). Your song must be memorized and must be with musical accompaniment. If you don't prepare one of our suggested songs, you must bring your own track (MP3/CD)

In addition to a song, you will be asked to read a short scene either alone or with other actors. There will also be a dance audition to determine your ability to move on stage. Please do not prepare a scene or a dance routine as that will be provided at the audition.

Auditions are held in the Salle Polyvalente at the Collège International de l'Esplanade, Strasbourg.

If you have any questions, please send an email to: